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Patch-Nosed Snake

Salvadora hexalepis


Very common in the Cave Creek area


Snake fence exclusion works very well with this species

Patch-nosed Snakes are common, daytime-active snakes that are most commonly seen by hikers or joggers along trailways or dirt roads leading into outdoor recreation sites. While they do appear at houses from time to time, they are very rarely reported.

Patch-Nosed Snakes are relatively small, with adults in Cave Creek reaching about 3′ long. They are tan, brown, or straw colored, with a set of black or dark brown stripes running the length of their body. They are sometimes confused with Whipsnakes or Coachwhips, due to their streamlined appearance, and fast speed. Most that are encountered quickly flee to cover.

Patch-Nosed Snakes will bite if picked up, but good luck catching one! They are non-venomous and completely harmless.