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Glossy Snake

Arizona elegans


Uncommonly seen in the Cave Creek area


Snake fence exclusion works very well with this species

Glossy snakes can be found anywhere in the Cave Creek area, but tend to prefer sandy soil and low hillsides. They are most commonly encountered in yards in the Southern-most parts of Cave Creek.

Glossy Snakes are medium-sized snakes, reaching an adult length in Cave Creek of about 3′, though most that are seen are smaller. They look quite a bit like a Sonoran Gophersnake and are often misidentified as them (and vise versa). Aside from pattern, Glossy snakes can be differentiated from Gophersnakes by the lack of a keel, or raised ridge in the center, of each scale. As the name suggests, Glossy Snakes lack these keels and are generally more shiney and glossy in appearance than Gophersnakes.