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Coluber flagellum


Very common in the Cave Creek area


Snake fence exclusion has a medium to low success rate

Coachwhips may also be referred to as Red Racers, though in Cave Creek they are seldom red. They are common anywhere in Cave Creek that comes near native desert habitat.

Coachwhips are long, slender snakes that can reach lengths of up to 5′ in the Cave Creek area. They are also exceptionally fast, and are very difficult to capture for this reason. Most Coachwhip encounters are just a quick glance as it quickly slides away from the area.

They can be a variety of colors; brown and tan is most common, though they also may be red, pink, orange, or black. They have large, round eyes that angle forward through indentations in the face, and can appear to be looking forward. They are reasonably intelligent, agile snakes, that can climb trees, climb walls, fences, and are found in about any place imaginable.

Coachwhips can help reduce rattlesnakes in an area because they are rattlesnake-eaters. They also consume about any type of rodent, lizard, or bird that will fit in their mouth, also reducing rattlesnake encounters by simply being competition.

Coachwhips will bite if picked up, but are not venomous.