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Blacktailed Rattlesnake

Crotalus molossus



Avoid/relocate if found at home

Very common in the Cave Creek area


Snake fence exclusion works very well with this species

The Blacktailed Rattlesnake is found in hills and mountainous regions of Cave Creek, and is more common in the Northern areas.

Blacktailed Rattlesnakes in the Cave Creek area generally reach an adult size of around 3′ or slightly larger, and are seldom seen as juveniles, unlike Mojave Rattlesnakes or Western Diamondbacks, which tend to scatter as babies after a short time with their mother.

The Blacktailed Rattlesnake is quite variable in appearance, but in the Cave Creek area, they are are usually greenish or brown, with darker brown blotches or bands down the body. Near the tail, the bands darken and combine to be very dark bands, or solid black. This black tail is the most reliable identifier of the species, and one of the best ways to differentiate it from other species.

This snake is often mistaken for the superficially similar-looking Mojave Rattlesnake, mostly due to the greenish coloration. Blacktailed Rattlesnakes live in rocky or mountainous regions where hiking trails are popular, unlike the actual Mojave Rattlesnakes, which avoid such areas.